Our Setup

Our setup is as simple as 1-2-3!

*Independent Network Members may use another setup. Please check with your representative first.

1. Human Touch – We travel to your company with the primary element that is needed; the hands of State Licensed Foot Massage Therapists.

2. Equipment/Supplies – We come equipped with:

  • fem-male_sm2Comfortable leg rest and/or recliner – Perfect for both small & large office spaces.
  • Warm herbal wipes for the massage therapy.
  • Lotion or cream – Allows for a pleasant glide … as we massage the feet

Finally, we’ll pat your employee’s feet dry, once the massage has been completed.

3. Sign-up Sheet – Since everybody is busy, exact session time frames are sometimes difficult to adhere to. Yet, with proper planning … it can be done!

It is usually helpful to reserve blocks of time for each foot massage session.

*See our scheduling options*  – W e can decide upon what works best for your situation.

Summary – So, whether we set up in a conference room, an office, or another available space … we bring the essentials that are needed for your employees to enjoy our delightful express foot massage therapy!

WHAT YOU SUPPLY: A few office chairs, a small space … along with your most valuable asset: your employees.

Agony of DaFeet, Inc’s Express Foot Massage Therapy therapists have touched thousands of feet over the years. Request your quote today to experience the wonderful benefits of express foot massage therapy.